Phase Three: Expressions of Leadership

Distinguishing Your Branded Communication

Dining EtiquetteYour personal brand is what sets you apart. But that alone is not enough. How you communicate your brand, both verbally and non-verbally, will ultimately determine whether or not others perceive you as a leader.

CW&A will show you not only how to communicate in a polished, poised and professional manner, but also how to sustain it with consistency, so that your leadership presence is always “on brand,” regardless of the environment — at work, in your personal life, or within your community.

This final phase of our program is designed to equip you with a host of innovative communication/presentation strategies and social/business etiquette skills that will give you an edge in every interaction. During phase III we will:

  •  Assess your emotional and relational IQ
  •  Identify strategies to promote civility in the workplace that transforms
  •  Illustrate the 5 Ps of personal presentation
  • Refine your communication through body language and gestures
  • Perfect your vocal tonality and pitch
  • Increase your confidence and assertiveness

A key part of this session focuses on business, cultural and social etiquette (including dining). Etiquette is a practice of civility that should be a brand attribute of every leader.  Amid increasing incivility in today’s high-pressure global workplace, this code of polite and respectful behavior can transform your relationships with subordinates, superiors, customers and suppliers.

I have spoken to international audiences about my scientific research. But this time was different. A national news organization was coming to film the story about how a young kid obsessed with becoming an Olympic gold medalist grew into a research professor running an independent scientific laboratory at Duke University. I had never given thought to what the color of my shirt would say to a board viewing audience about my personality, or how to best communicate the intricate details of my scientific research to a broad audience that may have not had set foot in a scientific lab since their high school biology class. It was clear that I was in a little over my head….So I called Cynthia White and Associates.

Kafui Dzirasa, MD PhD
Duke University Medical Center

I have collaborated with Cynthia White, founder of Cynthia White and Associates, for the past 20 years as a mentor and  coach.  As a business leader, Cynthia’s customized services have caused me to examine the personal and professional image that I project and challenged me to become more focused on solutions which represent my core values and brand identity.    Her creative approach with engaging women has allowed me to become a shining jewel and survive disruptive change in the workplace.    In the world of business, it’s easy to get our priorities wrong but Cynthia “keeps me grounded” by combining her inspirational presence, image/ personal branding experience with leadership principles in inclusive and intimate forums which is designed to empower women (& men) to look and be the best!

Sheilia K.
Senior Compliance Manager

“Cynthia White has an uncanny ability to identify an individual’s assets and then teach him or her to maximize those assets into a personal brand.  Coupled with that insight is the knowledge of marketing and personal development tools to take a client to the next level. White has a passion for excellence and I highly recommend her.

Carlotta Ungaro
President, Morrisville Chamber