Phase Two: Reflections of Leadership

Defining Your Branded Look with Style

It’s an unfortunate reality that associates and clients are going to make judgments about your value and abilities based on your visual representation. Highly effective leaders have well-packaged and well-presented physical appearances that complement their personal brand — and so should you.

In Phase II of our program, CW&A will help you fine tune your appearance so that it accurately projects your personal brand, increases your visibility and sets you apart from your competition.

Branded Style Appointment

Shirts Hanging on Clothes RackThis one-on-one session is truly a tailor-made visual brand discovery journey that is all about you and the assets that make you unique. Once you know which styles and colors highlight your best attributes, it’s time to put them into a system. We’ll gain a sense of your brand message and analyze your closet contents to help you create your dream wardrobe so that dressing for success is a cinch. You won’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions; every day will be a winner.
  Learn to showcase your personal brand by packaging yourself in your own “signature style” that stands out and speaks well of you.

Body & Shape Analysis


 Understand your shape and body type so that you can select clothing that presents you in the most flattering light. CW&A works with your style – and not one that we project on you – to help you create wardrobe strategies that accentuate your positive features while minimizing your less appealing ones.

Color Analysis

color analysisColor is a second language when it comes to creating a branded look. Wearing your “power” colors strategically helps you feel confident and successful, and communicates your leadership presence.  CW&A will provide you with a customized palette that shows the colors that work best with your skin, hair, eyes and other physical features. You may also find this tool useful in selecting colors for your company logo, web site and office space.

Personal Shopping

Woman with Shopping BagsAs your branded look begins to take shape, you may identify gaps in your existing wardrobe that need filling. CW&A is ready to help. Our personal shopping service is about precisely matching your coloring, body type, budget and other factors, so that you buy exactly the right clothes to enhance your leadership presence and convey your brand image.

Make Up and Skin Care

Women in our program often have questions about skin care and cosmetics. This service will help you enhance your branded look for every occasion with a make- up style that’s perfectly matched to your complexion and brand message.

To find the best services to fit your goals and budget consider our packages.

We aim to satisfy our clients………

Cynthia, Thank you so much for doing my color analysis. It was so easy to use the palette’s color cards…using the instructions and guidance you provided. You are great at what you do!

— Grace

Cynthia, thank you for all your time and assistance in revamping my image.  I really appreciated the time we took shopping that helped me to gain practical ideas of how to create the look I am going for.

— Kim

I have collaborated with Cynthia White, founder of Cynthia White and Associates, for the past 20 years as a mentor and  coach.  As a business leader, Cynthia’s customized services have caused me to examine the personal and professional image that I project and challenged me to become more focused on solutions which represent my core values and brand identity.    Her creative approach with engaging women has allowed me to become a shining jewel and survive disruptive change in the workplace.    In the world of business, it’s easy to get our priorities wrong but Cynthia “keeps me grounded” by combining her inspirational presence, image/ personal branding experience with leadership principles in inclusive and intimate forums which is designed to empower women (& men) to look and be the best!

Shelia K. –
Senior Compliance Manager

After attending Cynthia’s workshop tonight, I realized all the clothes I have in my closet I really don’t need and I can save a whole lot of space by going home and using some of the tools that Cynthia gave me for putting things together.


Thanks Cynthia! I no longer have to guess at what looks great on me and I find that I am spending less time deciding what I am going to wear for the day.

Carolyn S.

The first thing we did was talk about what I wanted to say through my style and appearance. I am so energized…it has helped me feel like me again. Thanks Cynthia!

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