Discovering Your Personal Brand

Discovering Your Personal BrandDo people gain a favorable sense of your leadership style based on the image you project? Are your values clearly aligned with your decisions? Are you perceived as authentic? Or, are there barriers holding you back from effectively leading your team?

Observations of successful leaders reveal that leadership presence and personal branding are carefully cultivated skills founded upon  keen self-awareness of one’s passions, mission, strengths and weaknesses, unique talents, and values that differentiate them from the rest. Because of this, the Cynthia White and Associates’ (CWA) personal-branding process is comprehensive and transformative allowing you learn about the most important person on earth — yourself. Discovering Your Personal Brand is phase I of CWA’s three-step journey through the leadership transformation process. It is designed to help you answer the above questions and more to create a compelling Personal Brand Image Statement that brings you the desired results of success.

Our services will sharpen your insight to help you determine who you are authentically and how you are perceived as a leader. We then guide you to develop an action plan that will transform your presence so your leadership is visible and highly valued. Your colleagues and clients will know what to expect, be more motivated and productive, and can think innovatively when your leadership presence is not just known but fully experienced.

By altering and aligning your leadership presence with how others see you, your perceived promise of value gains greater respect because it authentically reflects your character and ability to lead yourself and your organization to new heights of success!

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