Distinguishing Your Communication Intentionally

EtiquetteDistinguishing Your Communication Intentionally is phase III of Cynthia White and Associates’ (CWA) personal-branding process. These sessions are designed to equip leaders with innovative communication/presentation strategies and social/business etiquette skills to build confidence and make an impact at work, at home and within the community. CWA will not only show you how to communicate in a polished, poised and professional manner to make a powerful personal-branding statement; but how to sustain it with consistency, confidence and character. By investing in your personal communication brand, you will stand out as a leader, be distinguished and achieve your goals in life.

During CWA’s phase III personal-branding sessions, we will:

●Assess your emotional and relational IQ

●Help you develop powerful first impressions

●Illustrate the 5 Ps of personal presentation

●Reflect your communication through body language and gestures

●Perfect your vocal tonality and pitch

●Teach business, cultural and social etiquette (including dining)

●Create a Personalized LP Action Plan


Are you committed to building your complete personal brand to be a more effective leader?


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